An art affair

July 24, 2021

Welcome to a world of art, sequins, stripes and beautiful stains on the floor. Maria Leinonen is inviting us to her art studio in the heart of Österlen.

Maria is a creative artist with base in Österlen, in the south of Sweden. She is a great favourite with interior stylists often using her art for styling projects. Her sense of shapes and colour is amazing and the layering is ever so interesting. She has once described her paintings as layers of impusitivity. We absolutly love her impulsitivity and can spend houres looking at her art.

For Marias exhibitions she teams up with photographer Ulrika Andersson and our stylist Kajsa Baekmark. Last time doing this the theme was pink to go with Marias The apart part series. An art collection made in a happy divorce. This time it was monochrome with a sparkle.

When visiting Marias art studio we can tell that she herself used to work as an interior stylist since nothing is left by chance. Where ever you rest your eyes you find something beautiful and the sequins makes a subtile reflection of all nice things going on. We would say that the dresses and the studio is a perfect match.

Thank you so much for letting us into your magical world of art and fun.

Bye bye.

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