New year - New outfit?

December 4, 2022

As modern life-creatures, we tend to always look for something extraordinary. Being a creative soul makes us crave the feeling of new. A lovely feeling when you nail it but also the root to the problem our industry is facing. The holidays are full of occasions to put that extra thought on your outfit and New Year´s Eve is all about glam. You want to wear that very special look to celebrate in style, and we understand, you want the feeling of new. Let us take the lead and help you be the most sparkling version of yourself using our tips when it comes to dressing up. They are all based on the belief that the perfect outfit already exists, all you need is creativity and an open mind.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Tip 1. Styling

Styling has never been so important, it can transform you to the sky and back. It can be the key to the feeling of new even when using the same. We often get the tip of investing in a base wardrobe, what if you instead were on the look for the styling pieces or the perfect layering pieces. Those garments that can transform a look and can be used in many ways. The sequin vests in our Rental is good example of that and perfect for the festive season. Rent one and see how many looks you can combine. Wear it under a blazer, pull over a dress or blouse, go bare with a high waisted pant etc. Have you already invested in the base wardrobe? Let your basics work as the foundation in your look. You know - the little black dress, the crisp white shirt or the perfect silk blouse. If you have them in our closet let them serve you well. With a few tricks or one rented piece you can make them feel like new. Mix and add, try the unexpected. Oh and we always love a great layering!

Tip 2. Rent

Sharing is caring. For us, it's the core of our business, our philosophy and a way of life. There are many ways to get the feeling of something new without actually buying anything. Renting is the perfect way to get an up-to-date look for a party night. We are here for you, and our New Year’s drop has just launched. Rent and borrow from each other or plan a clothing swap event with your friends. Amazing garments change hands every day - if it doesn’t suit you anymore, pass it on. Sometimes the perfect outfit is hanging right there in your friends closet. Make a sport out of it!

Tip 3. Second hand

What goes better to a glass of champagne than sequins? We are so in love with everything that glimmers, and New Year's Eve is really the right holiday to wear it. To find the right look, go straight to the source - in the 70s when disco came to town, sequins were everywhere! Some trends never go out of style, this is definitely one of them. Vintage and second hand shops are hidden treasure caches when it comes to sparkling clothes. And you will have the feeling of new with something that has been old for someone else. Here’s a pro tip from our stylist: if the garment feels a bit worn after previous parties, you can easily get it fresh again. Put it in a laundry bag and run a hand wash program - voilà!

So, from all of us with a little help from the ever so dazzling ABBA:

Happy new year, happy new year

May we all have a vision now and then,

Of a world where every neighbour is a friend

Happy new year, happy new year

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