Style for Sale.

May 15, 2022

We have news for you! Mark the date of May 25th 8 pm in your calendars and join us for the launch of Style for Sale! Your digital space for selling and buying preloved garments, bags, shoes and accessories. But do not worry, Style for Rent will still be here in its full glory, in fact the new drop is just around the corner. If you feel like selling with us, please have a read here.

We would love to introduce you to one of our sellers; this is Bianca Sollevi and oh you should see her wardrobe! She has worked in fashion all her life and has during the years saved up on some really nice pieces. We met up in her office in Copenhagen to snap these pictures of her trying on a few of the items that will be for sale on the 25th. This office space is the showroom of The Market Agency who represent brands like Rodebjer, ATP Atelier and Barena Venezia of which Bianca is the Brand Manager.

The best thing about your job?

The trips to Paris and all the amazing people you meet in the business. Also that not one day looks like the other, that I love.

What do you love to do?

Enjoy great food and wine amongst friends and family.

Your favourite type of garment:

I am in love with voluminous, long coats and really nice jeans.

What do you wish will happen to the clothes you sell?:

That they will be worn and showed off as they deserve.

Why do you want to sell at Style for Sale?:

Cause I have a girl crush on Kajsa ;-)

While taking these pictures and having a chat, Bianca handed us a bag full of amazing garments and accessories to launch on Style for Sale, you are in for a treat. Since Bianca has worked with the Rodebjer collections for six years there is a lot from the brand. The good old prints, the classics and this new black dress from their latest collection. She is also selling the green heels in these pictures, the white blazer, the coat, the clutch, the green T-shirt. Well all items you see in this story (accept her wedding ring). So good hunting on the 25th!

We strongly believe that Style for Sale is the right thing for you and for us. You might already know that the garments in the rental part comes from all directions, sometimes on alternative ways but they never come from new production. We often come across stunning items that might not have their place in the rental but still need to live on together with someone else. These items will be added to Style for Sale. And we are sure that you have these pieces in your wardrobes as well. Sell them with us and make a new owner happy. You can find more info on how to sell here.

Looking forward to see you on the 25th of May at 8 pm.

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