The sparkling studio fitting.

December 9, 2021

On a sunny but cold Sunday we found ourselves in the rough and fun part of Malmö, Norra Grängesbergsgatan. The street know for creativity, Plan B, art galleries, summer festival, dodgy business and festive nights. We had a date with Kajsa Ellen in her boyfriends studio. He is a film maker and a part of the collective Husarrest with an amazing studio space on the well known Malmö street. Kajsa had agreed to model a few of our new pieces from the holiday rental collection and we were thrilled. We started with hugs and coffee but after only a few minuts Kajsa Ellen had the first dress on, this lovely creation from Cecilie Bahnsen.

Have a look at the back, is she not just amazing. You can tie the dress as we have done it here for a little drop in the back but you can also go firmer for a straight line around the waist. This dress har been to a few Copenhagen parties before she came to us and did once have a perfectly round cigarette hole in the bottom of the skirt part. Which now is absolutely impossible to see but does still gossip a little bit about her late nights out. We are happy that she is now a part of our rental store and can continue to shine and participate in the making of more stories. If you would like to have a closer look you can click here. She is out for a Christmas party happening this Saturday but will be available again during next week. And remember that everything you rent from now until Christmas you can keep until after the holidays.

Let us introduce Kajsa Ellen a bit closer, her full name is Kajsa Skog but you will find her under the name @kajsaellen on instagram. Here she is generously sharing her colorful and gamesome outfits. Her style is very personal with focus on interesting patterns, nice materials and unexpected silhouettes. She is a master at layering and also searching the online fashion world for that specific piece that she need to complete a look. Her style icon is Rei Kawaakubo who is a designer known for painting outside the lines and not following any fashion rules but instead affirming her inspiration and sense of fun. Which often takes form in asymmetric shapes, playful styles and avantgarde looks. Kajsa also tells us that she finds inspiration in fashion brands like Loewe, Simone Rocha and Comme Des Garcons aswell as Instagram, magazines and people out and about. Monday to Friday she works as Styling & Quality Manager at She knows her fashion and she looks smashing in every single piece from our rental collection. We adore you Kajsa Ellen.

A favourite color combination of ours is when yellow meets purple and having a Rotate dress in a purple sequin together with a soft suede, yellow Gucci shoe makes our hearts clap. Just wear a oversized, vintage, mens blazer over your shoulders and you are good to go. If you wish to rent the lovely dress you can find her here. The styling piece that we continue to love is the collar, since it can make wonder to an outfit. It also helps you to in the easiest way play around with what you already have at home in your wardrobe and to make new combinations. Perhaps your holiday trick will be to rent this collar from Sea New York and match her to a sparkle. Or you can wear it like Kajsa Ellen and go for an all cream look together with the White puff dress.

To see Kajsa Ellen in wearing the sequin skirt together with a sequin top was an absolut delight, we love a full on sequin look and has never believed that less is more. However you can also use the sequins to lift an everyday dress. We think the vest could be the garment to do the trick. Kajsa matched this dress with this vest and found that the volume sleeves came to their right. We have also found that this sequin fringe skirt is absolutely amazing with a knitted cardigan, she has also been worn on top of jeans once. If you have a short dress and you do not wish to wear stockings, try to put these sequin trousers underneath. The possibilities are many and the best way to find your favorit combination is to have fun with it. You are also more than welcome to drop us an e-mail or write on our instagram for styling tips.

Thank you Kajsa Ellen for playing dress up with us!

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