Sell with us

Type of garments in Style for Sale

In our collection of garments for sale you'll find different brands and type of clothes. What they have in common is that all pieces are in good condition and ready to be loved by someone else.
We sell clothes, shoes and bags.
We do not sell training clothes, underwear or swimwear.

How it works

We sell on commission, meaning that you as a submitter of clothes receive 40% of the selling price after the garment has been sold. We keep the garment on our website for 3 months, if the garment hasn't been sold during that period, it is donated to charity, or if requested by you, returned to you at your shipment cost.

Submit garment

To submit any garment, you need to photograph it and include the photos in an email to: Please also state the brand, the condition of the garment, and approximately when the garment was purchased.

We will get back to you per email. If the garment is suitable for our collection you will get a suggested selling price. If you agree to the selling price, we will register you as a connected seller at Style for rent. Once registered, you can send the garments for sale to us using Postnord. You will receive more detailed info via email after agreement.


When one of your submitted garments has been sold, you'll get a payout to the bank account you provide us with, or a voucher to use at Style for rent. All payouts are done at the last day of the month.